I regularly teach courses, as well as advise, supervise, and collaborate with students, across Legal and Constitutional Studies; Political Theory; American Political Development; and Race, Ethnicity, and Politics. I have been an instructor of record at the College of William & Mary, Brown University, and University of Florida, and a Teaching Assistant at Brown University and Harvard University. 

I generally pursue three aims in my pedagogical approach:

- First, I strive to make my teaching accessible, inclusive, and participatory. 

- Second, and relatedly, I seek to encourage students to draw connections between the past and present, to think within and across a range of material and disciplinary boundaries, and to be able to critically contextualize their own place in the world. 

- Third, I am especially committed to encouraging students to think independently, read closely, write well, and actively participate in class discussions.

I have been or will be an instructor of record for the following courses:

- American Constitutionalism

- Political Change and Legal Development

Theories of Constitutional Interpretation

Law, Courts, and Justices

- American Political Thought

- Colonization/Decolonization

- Native American Political Theory

- Corporations

Political Theory and International Relations

Race, Gender, and Politics

I have been a teaching assistant for the following courses:

- Teaching Assistant, “Constitutional Law,” for Corey Brettschneider, Department of Political Science, Brown University

- Teaching Assistant, “Prosperity,” for John Tomasi, Department of Political Science, Brown University

- Teaching Fellow, “Democratic Theory,” for Jane Mansbridge, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University 

- Course Assistant, “Intensive Writing for Policy and Politics,” for Joshua Rothman, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Syllabi and student evaluations are available upon request.

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